Firefox Add-On Brings Twitter Updates To the Context of a Web Page

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This morning I decided that I would go over to FireFox’s homepage and look around for updated and new internet browsing add-ons. To my surprise there were plenty of add-ons that offered extremely beneficial browsing options that could make my life just a bit more simple and efficient. The first one that grabbed my attention was a Twitter-friendly add-on called Tweetbeat Firsthand.

Tweetbeat Firsthand will actually scan the web page you are currently looking at and find material and or names of people, places, or things that are currently being discussed on Twitter. It will then add a little tiny twitter logo beside the word of text that you are reading to notify you that their is a current Twitter discussion and or active Twitter user that exists outside the article you are reading. This provides you an ideal opportunity to Tweet at the person mentioned in the article or to join those others conversing about your article subject on the 140 character limit network. TweetBeat Firsthand includes preference options so that you can blacklist those internet sites that you wish to not be indexed. I’m looking forward to the further advancement and inclusion of this add-0n to provide more real time and thought provoking conversations via Twitter.

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