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It seems as if most everybody has aspirations to become an entrepreneur one day in their life. The concept of owning your own business is motivating to many. The fantasy of doing something you love, helping others long the way, and living an ideal lifestyle is the foundation of many start-ups. One of the main problems however is that it is often difficult to take a great idea and turn it into a fully functioning business. There is a degree of experience and otherwise extreme confidence that is needed to start a new company and for this reason many people don’t ever try in the first place.

This is where one of my favorite online destinations comes into play, Mixergy. Mixergy is a blog that interviews a great list of successful and wide ranging entrepreneurs on their journey to becoming the great successes that they are today. Guest interviews include the likes of Wikipedia’s founder, Jimmy Wales, along with great television personalities such as Gary Vanerchuk. Perhaps the best part is that Andrew Warner, a self made multi-millionaire in his twenty’s, leads the discussion on how to turn a passion of yours into a fully operational business.


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    Hope to see you when I’m back in SoCal.

  • Hey Andrew! Yeah hope to make it to one of your seminars sometime soon!

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