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Increase Facebook Fan Page Interaction

Dec 6, 2010   //   by admin   //   Blog, Facebook, Social Media  //  No Comments

Several times in the last few months I have read an article online about how to build a Facebook fan page. Specifically these articles focused on how to interact with fan page members and increase the number of comments and overall interaction on your business Facebook page. After having read so much material on the subject I thought it would be beneficial to my readers to summarize what I have learned.

Here are the 3 factors that are most important to account for when posting to Facebook.

1) Know Your Audience

It doesn’t matter if you’re updating a business fan page or simply updating your personal status on Facebook, it is important to account for your audience. If you are in charge of a yoga studio’s business page then most likely your audience during the day are stay-at-home moms. If this is the case then tailor your fan page updates to their liking. The goal is to provide your audience with helpful information. In this example that may be the where about of a local day care center? The point is that you at least consider who your target audience might be prior to your update. Of course your audience does change with the time of day which leads into the next point.

2) Time Your Updates

Now I didn’t come up with the following statistics I am merely pulling these stats from another source but research shows that Facebook has the most users online during three specific hours of the day. The first of which is 11 am. Not many people have time to check their profile before an early class or even work and therefore the first popular time zone to be online is right around when the average civilian loses focus at work and decides to burn a few minutes before lunch online.

The next optimal time to post is at 3 pm. Three o clock is a popular time since students are just arriving home from class and have nothing to do.

The last most efficient hour to post a status update to your Facebook profile or fan page is around 6 pm. Statistics show Facebook has the most users online in any given time zone after work hours. Therefore if you are extremely passionate about a response you will post in the early evening.

3) Ask Multiple Choice Questions

The last strategy involved with gaining a strong reaction from a post online is to ask simple questions of your audience. Now there are exceptions to this rule such as if your target audience has assembled by political affiliation. In this scenario this rule need not apply. But if you are updating a fan page or even your own Facebook status then ask a multiple choice question if you are going to ask any question at all. Easy questions and better yet multiple choice questions require minimal thinking from your audience and yet they still require plenty of opinion. Since people are both lazy and yet very opinionated they often will respond to such a post.

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