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Facebook Messages Is Not Email

Nov 22, 2010   //   by admin   //   Blog, Facebook, Social Media  //  No Comments

Within the last two weeks it has been made public that Facebook plans to unleash their own email messaging system to their social networking site. Facebook calls this new communication system “Messages” and makes it clear that this is not just another email.

Facebook Messages combines Facebook chat, Facebook direct messages, cell phone text messages, and outside emails all into one so that any social conversation you have had with a friend can be found in one place. Messages is designed so that you can go to one place to see any conversation you have ever had with a friend. It will be similar to a smart phone text messaging conversation in which you can see all texts from one friend dating weeks into the past in one thread except it will pull together conversations from multiple sources and put them into one location! Now that’s convenient.

Facebook Messages Registration

Since Facebook is rolling out this Messaging system slowly to segments of users at a time I am becoming curious how individuals will go about claiming their own address. Who gets to claim their address first and will it be fair if your name is no longer available by the time the messaging system is available to you? This could be chaotic in a word however I’m guessing Facebook has a plan to handle registration discrepancies that we will not catch word of until the future.

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